Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish

Summer is here,  especially here…. In Arizona. Time to pull out your sandals, summer hats, sunblock and your favorite summer nail polishes.  I have to say Wet n Wild Megalast polishes are my favorite.  They have a ManiCurve Pro Brush???? I guess this means a wide brush.  I’m loving the formula……. its GREAT!!!!  the price is super affordable around 1.99. 

Now here is some of my faves for this Summer.


            HEATWAVE a bright tangerine, CLUB HAVANA a coral, I NEED. Refresh-MINT a turquoise and TROPACALIA a coral pink.


*My 5 Current Beauty Faves*

Here are my current 5 favorite beauty products that I have been loving this month.  I will add my Holy Grail Mac Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil



Mac Lipstick in Speed Dial it is a beautiful pink color. Retail 15.00

Mac Fix+ is an aqua spritz with mineral and vitamins.  I use after I am done with my make up and I spray a few pumps of product on my face to set makeup and a few more through out the day. Just to give me a fresh feel,  Especially living in this hot Az weather. Retail full size 21.00 for 3.4 oz and 10.00 for 1.0 oz travel size.

I don’t usually buy expensive mascara and I stick to drugstore brands but ever since I received a sample from Sephora I was hooked.  Lancome Hypnose Star, it just works wonders for me. Now it is pretty pricey 28.00 bucks pricey What Am I Thinking!  But I really like this product. Retail 28.00

Now this product I have been using daily and it is Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll it is suppose to reduce puffiness and wake up tires eyes.  Reduce under circles and fine lines, one of its vital vitamin is B12 ans cucumber extract.  Place it in the fridge for a cool feel.  You can buy this product in any grocery drug or drugstore for 12.00 dollars.

Please tell me your top faves this month.

June 2013 Birchbox

This is one of my BEAUTY ADDICTIONS.  BIRCHBOX that I can’t seem to let go because it makes me 🙂 smile.   It’s like getting a X-mas present every month.
Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription with up to 5 deluxe samples. Here is my June box


And every time you receive a sample you can rate this product on their website http://www.birchbox.com.  You set up an account and set your profile,  10 points for every product rated, you reach 100 points that equals 10.00 dollars.
Use it to purchase products in their store or save them for later.







Now there is many subscriptions out there but I just think Birchbox has more higher end products and better quality.  Just my opinion  🙂
If you would like to try out different products before actually buying the full size check this website out.

Sunday Bloody Mary’s

Sunday, slept in late and did a few last-minute grocery shopping with the family and lazed around the house.

Dinner for the kids …… off to bed they went and now time to chill in front of our television, phones and laptop.

And time for some grownup drinks!!!!!  These last few weeks my very good friend and cousin has taught me how to make some tasteful Bloody Mary drinks.   Oh and by the way,  she is a bartender  🙂 and every time we are over their place that is our husbands drinks.

So now I bought all ingredients and here is my result ……..  Ta Da!!!!!     Now this is how I make it and still experimenting with the flavors.  There is many ways and some add different ingredients, like we add extra Tabasco to make it  Spicy!!!!  Thank You Angelina and Love You and Family.


        Bloody Mary Recipe

Glass of ice

Squeeze some lemon and lime…… keep it in glass

Dashes of salt, pepper, celery salt, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce

Olive and juice …….just a bit

Add Vodka { 2 shots or preference  } and Tomato  juice


Add Celery and I like a pickle in it

Garnish it with a lemon and


{ My Sugar Skull Tattoo } Day of the Dead

This is my 11th tattoo and one I have been wanting for awhile until the time finally came.  The reason for this tattoo is because my birthday which is Nov, 1st and in my Hispanic culture Nov 1st and 2nd is Dia De Los Muertos { Day of the Dead }.  Here is the picture of it started on my forearm and the second it is just one with color.  I will be changing the colors on mine.

IMG_20130605_132503      img_7278_large-1

Day of the Dead is a Celebration in my parents native home where these two days is all about gathering friends and family to pray for and remember loved ones who have passed away.  In Mexico people visit graveyards where their loved ones are buried and they decorate their gravestones bringing food and presents.   This is also celebrated in many Latin countries where it is celebrated in different ways.

In the United States and Mexico ‘s larger cities, families build alter in their homes dedicating them to their dead loved ones.   They surround the alters with flowers food and pictures of the deceased.

On November 1st they honor the Angelitos , the children that have died.  On November 2nd they celebrate the adults that have passed.

I cant wait for it to be completed especially because it is being done by my Fiance.

Organic Calendula Grapefruit Salve

This product I made at home , Organic Calendula Grapefruit Salve.  Salve is an ointment that helps heal and protect the skin such as rashes,scrapes, burns and chapped and chaffed lips or skin.  Calendula  herbal oil is most used to help dry and damage skin, skin inflammations, rashes and diaper irritations.  This  Organic Calendula oil has olive oil and Vitamin E oil.


IMG_20121211_223016                 IMG_20121211_223315


Organic beeswax was also added and a hint  of organic grapefruit essential oil, I did place them in 1oz tins. I like to use it on my cuticles and any dry patches I have.  It is also great for lips.  I will be making a few more, without any essential oils.  This will be great use for diaper rash ointment and tattoo ointment.   My next project are Lotion Bars.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil *HOLY GRAIL*

I ran into this product on accident……. Yes accident.  I went to my Mac store in the mall, which by the way it has 2 Mac stores YEAH!!!!  As I was checking out at the counter they have their travel size products for 10.00 dollars and I saw a few items.  Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil not really knowing what this was.


IMAG0188-1 (1)

This is a travel size product 30ml/1.0 USfl oz for 10.00 dollars even though you might think it is small,  you are getting pretty good amount of product.  The full size product is 150ml/5.0 US fl oz for 30.00 dollars.

It is a mineral oil -free make up remover/cleanser for skin.  Contains sea grass, peach leaf and soothing chamomile. Scented with citus yuzu fused with conditioning botanical oils of grape seed, olive leaf, sunflower and lavender.

I checked out YouTube to see how you use this product and there are two ways.  First and the one I use is you apply it on dry skin and massage it and then rinse with water.  The second one was adding water to the solution making it  a milky and water and then applying  it to face.  I like the first application 🙂  even though this is a oil it does not leave your face oily at all and it removes MASCARA even waterproof.  I love this product and have been using it for a few months.

I recommend this product or at least try the travel size and check it out for yourself.