| lifestyle portraits | mckinzy and her 1st grade book report |

| lifestyle portraits | mckinzy and her 1st grade book report |.


September 2013 Birchbox

Hello….. It’s that time again….. My Christmas every month ūüôā

September Birchbox


RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer


Birchbox teamed up with NYC-based fashion label RUFFIAN to launch their first nail lacquer collection.  This is a high gloss nail polish formulated to hold up for days without chipping.  The bottle design is super cute and easy to open.  I received the color fox hunt a super orange red color great for fall. 

Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo & Conditioner



This shampoo and conditioner is packed with honey pearl powder, rich vitamins and gentle mix of sulfate -free cleaning agents.  It is paraban-free, vegan, for all hair types, moisture reviving, enhances volume, adds shine, weightless, UV protection, smoothes hair, seals cuticle, protects color whew!!! And it smells great and in deluxe sample bottles.

Supergoop! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream


This CC Cream uses 100% natural ingredients and antioxidant to triple protect UVA, UVB, and infrared -A rays.  I have already used it and its not bad.  I really like that it protects against these rays.  I received a little sample size but it will go a long way.

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss


This formula is packed with moisturizing Shea butter and jojoba seed oil to moisturize, plus vitamin, A,C and E to heal cracks and flakiness.¬† I received the color monaco it’s a super bright red but really sheer.¬† I am a little scare of red colors but this is just perfect.

Once again very happy and love all my products.¬† Let me know what’s in your Birchbox ūüôā


On Labor Day weekend we decided to take a ride up to Cave Creek, AZ just to go to the shops and spend an afternoon up there.  One of our little spots we like to take the kids  up to once in a while.  There was this shop that I have seen before every time we go up here.  Udder Delight a  natural skin care shop with soaps , lotions, scrubs,bath oils,  salves but I never had bought anything till this time.   I did buy a soap ( Almond Oatmeal Milk and Honey ).    My Goodness! this soap is AMAZING it actually works without leaving your skin-tight and dry.   I payed $4.99 for a 4 oz bar and it was packaged liked this.   I think this soap might be a HOLY GRAIL product !!!


This soap is made out of goat milk, olive oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil,  purified water,  Shea butter,  ground oatmeal, honey and fragrance oil.   This is what they say on their website about goat milk

Creamy Goat Milk Soaps

“All of our natural goat milk soaps are made with rich, creamy goat’s milk along with a special blend of skin loving, moisturizing oils. Goat’s milk contains lactic acid which helps exfoliate dead skin cells to help soften your skin and is also wonderful for people with sensitive skin and chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriases, & rosacea. Our soaps are rich and creamy and unlike any soap you have ever used. We use pure essential oils and “skin safe” fragrance oils in our soaps. We also offer a variety of “unscented” soaps. All our soaps are of varying shades of natural color ranging from light tan to a dark brown, depending on the essential oil or fragrance used. NO colorants are added to our soaps. All of our soaps are made in the USA – right here in our shop in Glenwood New Mexico. See and feel the difference for yourself”

I have been trying this soap and I love it!!!!!   It leaves your skin super soft even after you dry yourself from the shower your skin will feel soft and smells great.  The aroma will last on your skin for so long.    Also I have been learning how to make natural and organic soaps and lotion bars so when I saw these I just had to try them.

Well I asked Udder Delight for some samples  and I received some that I will giveaway and one will receive a full size bar of soap.

This is a Lavender Oatmeal Soap and Lavender Lotion


Coconut Lemongrass soap and lotion


Creamy Vanilla Lotion and Angel Wings soap

IMAG0649.jpg IMAG0650.jpg IMAG0652.jpg IMAG0653.jpg


I did receive  some more samples which was Awesome of them but I will also do a giveaway on my YouTube channel for the rest of the samples.  The soaps are sample size and lotions come in a 1/4 oz container.

To enter just post “Enter” in the comment ( one time ) and I will use random.com to choose 4 winners. ¬†I will contact you for your info and one will win a full size bar of soap of your choice. ¬†The giveaway will end in 9/19/13 and I will pick ¬†the winners on the 20th of September. ¬†Good Luck ūüôā

*My Mini Getaway*

So we where able to squeeze a mini getaway with our good and AWESOME friends ( Andrea and Barry ) ¬†to our favorite place…………….. Prescott, AZ. ¬† ¬†Prescott means a lot to us ( Mark and I ). ¬† This was the first place Mark took me and we had an amazing time almost ¬†3 years ago and ever since then we have had tradition to go on the guys ( Mark and Barry ) birthday in February. ¬† We have been trying to go more than once a year and it’s been working ¬†pretty good. ¬†

IMAG0601.jpg  IMAG0602.jpg    IMAG0592.jpg IMAG0597.jpg  IMAG0615.jpg

¬†Prescott has Amazing views …..lots of trees and mountains compared to the Phoenix Valley. ¬† I have lived in the Phoenix Valley for my whole existence and I have never went to Northern Arizona…….. except when I was ¬†a Freshman I went to the Grand Canyon for a weekend ……. lots of years ago :). ¬† The people are super polite and we have never had an issue ¬†with rudeness. ¬† We like to go down Whiskey Row ¬†and shop ¬†at the Antique Stores and of course hit the Row at night till we drop. ¬† We stay at a nearby motel and cab it the whole time we are there. ¬† We have our tradition of eating breakfast and then shopping and then Whiskey Row and go to as many bars as we can such as The Bird Cage ( now open ) , Hooligans, The Drunken Lass, etc. ¬† It’s really nice when they have live bands and they have a variety of music from blues, country, rock and hip-hop.

IMAG0622.jpg IMAG0620.jpgIMAG0621.jpg

¬†This time we went for a walk around downtown around the shops and the court house had lunch at the Brewery Co. ¬†This is our future home….. hopefully soon. ¬†Our plan is to own a little shop either thrift or bath and body. ¬† ¬†Also to get married here, ¬†a small evening wedding with lots of light in the woods. ¬†¬†

IMAG0627.jpg IMAG0639.jpg IMAG0640.jpg

Well Prescott we will see you in February 2014 !!!

Little Black Bag

My husband received an offer from Boomerang for 15.00 off your first purchase to LBB.  So he subscribe for me for the deal.  Now I use to be a member months ago for a long time , then it use to be 50.00 dollars monthly and you picked your first item ranging from handbags, beauty, home, accessories, and jewelry.  Then LBB would add 2 extra items to your bag and you would start trading with other LBB members.

Now they have shoes, clothes and food but I will explain more about it as I continue with my subscription since now I think its so much better and cheaper.

Let me show you what I received.  I only ended up with 2 items and paid 6.00 dollars total.




I originally received the Pandora’s Eyes eyeshadow but in a different color, it was a peach color.¬† I ended up with purple haze.¬† The packaging is adorable ( I’m a sucker for packaging).¬† It’s a pretty purple with a hint of sparkle.¬† When you swatch it is very pigmented but when you blend it out its very light.


I like it it’s a very subtle color. I wouldn’t mind getting other colors and you are able to remove the pan from the package since it’s magnetic.¬† The original price for this was 18.00 dollars.

For my first pick, I had picked a necklace with earrings.  The had a  little hanger (clothes) and it was very cute and dainty.  I ended up trading for this omg necklace from JARDIN worth 30 something.


I like it its cute and simple.  It also has a chain about 18 in.  If you are interested let me know I will send you my link to your email since I do get a free item.