*February Birchbox 2014*

BIRCHBOX SCORE   2.5 out of 5

This month I am not to super excited about my Birchbox.   I still like what I received and two of the products  I can’t wait to try.  So here is what my box looks like :/

This Month's Box

Now I still love Birchbox is just this month was not as great as all my previous boxes,  I have been receiving some good one in the past.

AYRES Bar Soap   AYRES Bar Soap 10.00

This product is filled with good nutrients like Shea Butter,  cocoa butter,  and olive oil cleanses, hydrates, and softens skin.   I really enjoy natural ingredient products.

 Cynthia Rowley Beauty Liquid Liner 18.00

Super excited to try this product I don’t own many liquid liners and it’s just what I need since I don’t have any at the moment.  It is super fine and you can work your line as thin or thick as you like.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment - 2 oz.Agave Healing Oil Treatment 24.00/2 oz

This is another item I can’t wait to try , a hair product which I love to receive in my boxes 🙂 .  This product is  parabens, sulfates, and phthalates free it has natural conditioning ingredients to keep hair soft.  The only not so good thing about this is the packaging sucks.  I have received other oil treatments and they have come in a bottle before ( spoiled ).  I am still excited to see if this product works well.

Joan VassL’eau de Opale 75.00

Now I am not complaining about receiving a perfume sample since the last time I received one was back in May 2013.  So I don’t mind getting these once in a while.   This perfume has blends of valencia orange,  pink pepper with a sweet combination of cinnamon leaf, jasmine sambac, and tuberose middle notes.   Guess I’ll see if I like it or not.


Paula’s Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum 30.00

An anti-aging product which I don’t mind receiving  you can use it morning or night.   It helps protect, hydrate, repair, and fight unwelcome lines and wrinkles. It’s 100 percent fragrance- and colarant-free, and contains anti-irritants to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. Works on all skin types, but is ideal for normal to dry or combination skin.  Perfect for my skin 🙂

Let me know what’s in your box 🙂 do you like the product and have you tried any of these items? .   Have a Great Day 🙂


What would you do if someone walked in your home?

Guns? Do you own one? How many? Why? Well I’m writing this because last night our family experience a rather scary situation.  Let me start by saying that I support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution…The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  I believe we/people have the right to protect ourselves and our family of anyone trying to do harm.   I just believe if someone comes at me with the intention of hurting me or my family …… YOU ARE GONNA GET SHOT!.

Last night was the first time we pulled our gun out and pointed it at someone with the intention of pulling the trigger.  We had just taken our gun out of pawn and went straight to Cabella’s to purchase my gun a Springfield XDS 9.  A compact compared to our Smith & Wesson M&P 9.  I wanted something a bit smaller to carry either in my purse or hip without being so heavy.  As we were sitting in our living room me on one sofa and my husband on the other side sofa the back door opens.  Now it is around 10:00 pm when this happens which is early for us. since it’s our winding down time and the kids are in bed already.  We haven’t locked the door yet since my husband has a little nicotine habit  :/ .

As we are watching t.v. we hear the back door open….. Okay I thought it was a friend walking in since he has done this twice.  Oh by the way we are new renters, we have about 3 weeks in our town home.  As he walks in we are kinda in shock, we don’t really know what to do.  Who is this guy? WTF?  My husband stand up from couch and says who are you he looks at him and still continues walking in our home.   Mark pulls his gun out and points it at him he puts his arms up and turns around and runs out.  In the State of Arizona you are not allowed to shoot someone in the back even if they are in your property running away.  I grab the other gun and run outside and this jerk gets in a car with two other guys and speed off, as they do they we here a gun shot in the street, they had a gun/s?  This made me very pissed off that someone would come in our home and put my children in danger.  What if we didn’t own a gun.  Then what?

People say why have one?  As a gun owner you hope you would never have to pull a gun out and pull the trigger… well that is what I think. I’m so glad we have our guns and are capable of defending ourselves.   The police did end up showing up and where a lot of help.  They were also very glad to see we had guns to protect ourselves. Also this made me realize that we are really not prepare for a situation like this.  I’m looking into taking some classes for the whole family if we are ever in a similar situation again.


Well thanks for stopping by and reading my post.  Have you ever been in a similar situation? Do you own a gun?  What are your thoughts?