Beauty Bargain * L.A. Colors babyPOP! Eyeshadow and Lipgloss*


Hello Beauties ūüĎč
So I stopped at Dollar General this morning and of course I head to the makeup aisle ūüėć.¬† I saw these product and thought “Cute”.¬† Now I have seen this brand before but never have tried them before. 2/$1.00 “What a steal” I picked up 6 eyeshadows and 2 lipglosses. So lets get to the point.


Teal Steel 0.12 OZ
This is a very beautiful teal color very soft and pigmented.



Reminds me of a mermaid.


Wine Shimmer 0.12 OZ
This color is a deep wine matte color.


It’s still a very nice dark rich color.




Blue Mermaid 0.12 OZ
This shadow is also very pigmented blue steel color.





Black Frost 0.12 OZ


The name says it all with a hint of shimmer.



Really like this black frost color and vey pigmented.


Golden 0.12 OZ
This gold brown color is my favorite.


Also very pigmented




Nude Shimmer 0.12 OZ


A great highlight color this was just a bit chalky but very pigmented.


I did pick up two lipglosses one in Nude and the other one in red.


There was a pink color also, these lipglosses are sheer but have lots of color.
Overall not what I expected from cheaper makeup.  Very impressed with these product and the quality.
For this price they are affordable and very worth trying out.¬† So check your local Dollar General and pick these up and let me know how you like them.¬† Thanks for stopping in ūüíõ.



Weekend Review *Laura Gellar Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation*


Hello Beauties 👋
So I figured I would review this product since I have had it for a bit.  I did receive this product in a Birchbox awhile back.
Now I believe I did get this during the summer so at that time I had a bit of skin issues such as various dry spots on my face :(.  So when I first tried this product I hated it.  Well first I did apply it with my fingers, second it just showed my dry patches on my face.  Away it went in the back of my makeup.


I decided to give it another chance after a few months.  Now I had started using a moisturizer so no more dry patches and I used my beauty blender when I applied it.
Major difference….. I really liked it.



Long wearing, radiant finish, full coverage and very lightweight.  I kind of had a tan so this was perfect since I had the color in Golden Medium.

This is what the website says about this product:
The next generation of Baked, now in a full-coverage liquid formula! Loose pigments are coated in Almond Oil, then baked in Italy on terracotta tiles to create perfect spheres of color that lay evenly on skin. Blended with skin-loving, moisturizing ingredients, this foundation delivers weightless, creamy color correction with a natural skin finish. The long-wearing, streak- free formula leaves skin glowing and healthy looking‚ÄĒlike radiance in a bottle!

I think if you have dry skin this foundation is not for you.¬† Have you tried this product?¬† Thanks for stopping in💙


*My Mini Getaway*

So we where able to squeeze a mini getaway with our good and AWESOME friends ( Andrea and Barry ) ¬†to our favorite place…………….. Prescott, AZ. ¬† ¬†Prescott means a lot to us ( Mark and I ). ¬† This was the first place Mark took me and we had an amazing time almost ¬†3 years ago and ever since then we have had tradition to go on the guys ( Mark and Barry ) birthday in February. ¬† We have been trying to go more than once a year and it’s been working ¬†pretty good. ¬†

IMAG0601.jpg  IMAG0602.jpg    IMAG0592.jpg IMAG0597.jpg  IMAG0615.jpg

¬†Prescott has Amazing views …..lots of trees and mountains compared to the Phoenix Valley. ¬† I have lived in the Phoenix Valley for my whole existence and I have never went to Northern Arizona…….. except when I was ¬†a Freshman I went to the Grand Canyon for a weekend ……. lots of years ago :). ¬† The people are super polite and we have never had an issue ¬†with rudeness. ¬† We like to go down Whiskey Row ¬†and shop ¬†at the Antique Stores and of course hit the Row at night till we drop. ¬† We stay at a nearby motel and cab it the whole time we are there. ¬† We have our tradition of eating breakfast and then shopping and then Whiskey Row and go to as many bars as we can such as The Bird Cage ( now open ) , Hooligans, The Drunken Lass, etc. ¬† It’s really nice when they have live bands and they have a variety of music from blues, country, rock and hip-hop.

IMAG0622.jpg IMAG0620.jpgIMAG0621.jpg

¬†This time we went for a walk around downtown around the shops and the court house had lunch at the Brewery Co. ¬†This is our future home….. hopefully soon. ¬†Our plan is to own a little shop either thrift or bath and body. ¬† ¬†Also to get married here, ¬†a small evening wedding with lots of light in the woods. ¬†¬†

IMAG0627.jpg IMAG0639.jpg IMAG0640.jpg

Well Prescott we will see you in February 2014 !!!


Hello Guys….. Well I am Super excited to tell you guys about this AWESOME App that I have had for a few months now and I have been making some $$$$$ ……YES ¬†$$$$$$ just by buying products at the grocery store and drugstore I would normally buy. ¬†It is the IBOTTA App.

Cover art

How it Works

* You choose an offer and complete the task it has.  The more task you complete the more $$$$ you receive for that offer

Ibotta - Cash, Not Coupons - screenshot thumbnail     Ibotta - Cash, Not Coupons - screenshot thumbnail

* ¬†After you have completed task you go shopping to the retailers they offer such as Walmart, CVS, Fry’s, Target, 7-Eleven,Walgreen’s they have about 50 stores you can use.


* You will have to take a picture of the receipt and scan the bar code, and IBOTTA will verify your purchase

*   Then you link your PayPal account and start earning money.  If you dont have a PayPal account you can always create one

*  IBOTTA also has Bonuses so you can earn extra cash


I Love Love this app and believe it is great and you make extra $$$$$ So please check it.


Sunday Bloody Mary’s

Sunday, slept in late and did a few last-minute grocery shopping with the family and lazed around the house.

Dinner for the kids …… off to bed they went and now time to chill in front of our television, phones and laptop.

And time for some grownup drinks!!!!! ¬†These last few weeks my very good friend and cousin has taught me how to make some tasteful Bloody Mary drinks. ¬† Oh and by the way, ¬†she is a bartender ¬†ūüôā and every time we are over their place that is our husbands drinks.

So now I bought all ingredients and here is my result …….. ¬†Ta Da!!!!! ¬† ¬† Now this is how I make it and still experimenting with the flavors. ¬†There is many ways and some add different ingredients, like we add extra Tabasco to make it ¬†Spicy!!!! ¬†Thank You Angelina and Love You and Family.


        Bloody Mary Recipe

Glass of ice

Squeeze some lemon and lime…… keep it in glass

Dashes of salt, pepper, celery salt, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce

Olive and juice …….just a bit

Add Vodka { 2 shots or preference  } and Tomato  juice


Add Celery and I like a pickle in it

Garnish it with a lemon and


{ My Sugar Skull Tattoo } Day of the Dead

This is my 11th tattoo and one I have been wanting for awhile until the time finally came.  The reason for this tattoo is because my birthday which is Nov, 1st and in my Hispanic culture Nov 1st and 2nd is Dia De Los Muertos { Day of the Dead }.  Here is the picture of it started on my forearm and the second it is just one with color.  I will be changing the colors on mine.

IMG_20130605_132503      img_7278_large-1

Day of the Dead is a Celebration in my parents native home where these two days is all about gathering friends and family to pray for and remember loved ones who have passed away.  In Mexico people visit graveyards where their loved ones are buried and they decorate their gravestones bringing food and presents.   This is also celebrated in many Latin countries where it is celebrated in different ways.

In the United States and Mexico ‘s larger cities, families build alter in their homes dedicating them to their dead loved ones. ¬† They surround the alters with flowers food and pictures of the deceased.

On November 1st they honor the Angelitos , the children that have died.  On November 2nd they celebrate the adults that have passed.

I cant wait for it to be completed especially because it is being done by my Fiance.